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smart health 2.0

Smart Health 2.0

Funded under the MIUR “Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation" call (DD 84/Ric. March 2, 2012) Axis II - integrated actions for the Information Society and sustainable Development.
The goal of Smart health 2.0 is the achievement of a technological system able to implement an innovative model of healthcare ( based on digital open architectures, modular and scalable solutions, included Cloud) that would enable the development of new models of cooperation between different entities operating in Healthcare in Southern Italy and would allow them to actively participate in the re-engineering and improvement of processes.


Progetto FAR 4434 ConnectToLife (MIUR)

Progetto FAR 4434 ConnectToLife (MIUR)

Development of a distributed platform to allow for on-demand access to clinical data and images;
September 2006 – July 2010 


Progetto pERhl

Progetto pERhl (Regione Emilia Romagna – “Dai distretti produttivi ai distretti tecnologici”) – “pERsonal health lab”

“pERsonal health lab”: Design and development of an advanced prototype system for continuous monitoring through non-invasive measurement of bio-medical parameters; July 2010 - November 2012.

Progetto 12798039 VIGILO (Lombardy Region)

Development of a wearable/ environmental sensor-based system, integrated with patient’s clinical and pharmacological history, for remote monitoring and assistance; January 2010 - Januar 2012.

International Projects



“FAll Repository for the design of Smart and sElf-adaptive Environments prolonging INdependent living”: Prediction, prevention and support for elderly people’s falls through the analysis of physiological data collected through smart-phones and wearable/ environmental sensors; started on 01.01.2012


FP7: IST 224635 VPH2

"Virtual Pathological Heart of the Virtual Physiological Human": Design and development of computational models of the heart for the definition of severity and extension of the pathology in post-ischemic patients; development of decision support systems for the planning of diagnostic and surgery treatment;
01.07.2008 – 31.10.2011


FP7: IST 216134 REMINE

"High Performance Prediction, Detection and Monitoring Platform for Patient Safety Risk Management": Design and development of a taxonomy/ontology-based system for clinical risk management, based on the integration of heterogeneous data and semantic analysis of non-structured information.
01.01.2008 – 31.05.2011


EuroStars E!5112 RELIS

"Risk Detection in Laboratory Information Systems": Design and development of a platform for real-time identification of abnormalò results within the Laboratory Information System framework;
start 01.06.2010.


eTEN C029399 FOR ALL

"Universal Service for Managing and Monitoring Cardiac and Psychological Health of European Cardiac Patients": Multilingual customisation and market validation of the ICAROS system for the remote monitoring of chronic cardiac pathologies patients;

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