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Giorgio Moretti

After graduating in Medicine, Giorgio Moretti is a promoter in 1983 of the development of the first software product in Italy for the family doctor, operating on the first Personal Computers available on the market.
In 1991 in joint-venture with Datamat, realizes a product to support security brokerage firms. In 2000, after following the listing process of Datamat, he becomes Director.
In 2003 he is Managing Director of Dedalus spa, then controlled by Datamat.
In 2005, he assumes the role of President of Ci.COM, the national consortium for the development of medical cooperation.
In 2005, following the sale of Datamat to Finmeccanica, he is the promoter of the MBO of Dedalus, of which today's he is the majority shareholder, President and CEO.
Since 2009 he is a shareholder and President of En-eco, operating company in research and production of products in the renewable energy sector.
In July 2009 he is nominated President of the Quadrifoglio Spa, municipal company of the district of Florence, for environmental hygiene management.
Since the beginning of 2012 he has been Chairman of Q-Thermo, a company held by Quadrifoglio SpA and Hera Spa, set up to build the incenerator of Florence.
From 2014, he is the coordinator for the health sector within the Sino-Italian Business Forum.
From June 2016, following the purchase by Dedalus of the majority of NoemaLife Spa., Giorgio Moretti is Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors.


Riccardo Donati

After graduating in Economics, Riccardo Donati becomes Supervisor in Charge at KPMG SpA until 1996.
Later, until 2000, is Chief Financial Officer of the OBI Group (Multinational Leader in Europe), which operates in the Retail sector.
Since 2000 he is Chief Financial Officer of the Dedalus Spa, Managing Director of Sago Health Informatics Srl and Managing Director with responsibility mainly in financial field for the companies controlled by the parent company Dedalus.
From June 2016, he is CEO of NoemaLife Spa.

Deputy Director

Cristina Signifredi

Cristina Signifredi is Deputy Director and cofounder of NoemaLife. She had been CEO of Noematica, one of the companies of the Group merged into NoemaLife, for many years. She’s in charge of managing the Consultancy activities of the Group.

She graduated in Electronic Engineering at Bologna University and in 1984 worked at GSO Informatica, where she coordinated many important Healthcare IT projects. In 1994 she joined Finsiel as Director of the Diagnostic Systems Division.

In 1996 she founded NoemaLife, together with Francesco Serra and Angelo Liverani, becoming responsible of all technical activities of the company. 

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