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Social Engagement

Il Sentiero dello Gnomo

The Association "The path of the Gnome" was born in Bologna in the summer of 2009, on the initiative of a group of family members, friends and colleagues of Paolo Serra (known as "The Gnome"), Director General of NoemaLife S.p.A. until July 2008, motivated by the willingness to share the values that Paolo testified to all those who met him:  spirit of service, love for children, social commitment but also joy, happiness and fun.
In an effort to be inspired by the versatility of Paolo - brilliant and respected on the job but also scout educator, family man, lover of music and "citizen of the world" - the association proposes to operate in four areas, all dear to him, and symbolized by the four blades of the Swiss boxcutter that he used to carry in his spare time: "Cinni" (children)of Bologna, the Choir Gnome, International, Books.

Zecchino in Corsia

Zecchino in Corsia (Zecchino in the Ward) is the initiative of Antoniano non-profit organization for children in care in the pediatric wards of hospitals throughout Italy. The project was launched in 2009, since the beginning, it has the educational goal of introducing new generations to the classics of literature represented in theater and to music education, as well as to offer hospitalized children quality content.
The service is free for all the hospitals that request it and offers young patients and their families the best of the entertainment made in Antoniano, such as the theater season, Zecchino d'Oro cartoons, the concerts of the Small Choir dell'Antoniano.
From the technical point of view a web site dedicated to the project has been realized. Through a broadband connection, the shows are transmitted within the hospitals.
During the 2012 edition,  over 2000 children were reached in 9 hospitals, distributed in 6 Regions of Italy, which have received more than 100 cultural content updated weekly.
“Zecchino the Ward” is an expression of the daily mission of Antoniano: the development of cultural, educational and entertainment is highly integrated with quality initiatives to support those who are most vulnerable.

Project for People

Project for People is a non profit organisation active since 1993. It carries out cooperation and development projects in India, Benin, Bosnia and Brazil. The values of the Organisation are the respect of the local culture and of diversity, faith in people and transparency. Therefore the promotion of local development is carried out through projects planned, realized and managed with local partners.
One of the most important purposes of our projects is the self-sustainability: they base themselves on the initial support of the Organisation and then they are independently managed by our local partner.
In this way the results are lasting and bring benefits also in terms of awareness, social culture and human growth of the concerned population.
The beneficiaries are more than 1.000.000 men, women and children in India, Brazil, Benin and Bosnia.

Patologi oltre Frontiera

Patologi Oltre Frontiera (Pathologists Beyond Borders) is a non-governmental association founded in Venice in 1999 with the aim of realizing projects for developing pathological anatomy and oncologic diagnostics in the South of the world.
Born for an initiative of a group of Anatomic pathologists, members of the Committee of the International activities of SIAPEC (Società Italiana di Anatomia Patologica e Citologica Diagnostica - the Italian Society of Anatomic Pathology and Diagnostic Cytopathology), began in the same year its activity, taking part in a project aimed at creating a Patologic anatomy Service in Tanzania, proposed by the "Associazione Cultura e solidarietà Vittorio Tisòn".
In 2001 Patologi Oltre Frontiera was officially acknowledged as ONLUS, while in 2006, following the acknowledgement of the Ministry of foreign affairs, was included in the list of qualified non governmental organizations.
For a decade, Patologi Oltre Frontiera has been realizing projects in Africa, Latin America, Europe and Middle East.
Furthermore, in these years, it has been underwriting partnership agreements with different institutional and association realities, both National and Territorial, Italian and Foreign realities.

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