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  • home-based patient care software
  • telemedicine projects
  • Compliance with new regulations

Healthcare for the individual is moving toward a new paradigm: namely that of minimizing the need to visit hospital structures. Care, assistance, test results, rehabilitation — even diagnosis where possible — must be made available at sites away from hospital complexes, thereby securing a reduction in fixed structure costs and a generally more sustainable system that improves quality of life for everyone.

In this context, NoemaLife provides a new generation of information systems to support home-based patient care and assistance, which are mobile and flexible, and equally effective both in the wards of a hospital and in the hands of professionals delivering home healthcare.

Advanced screening programs ensure the effectiveness of preventive care across a wide area and include: planning of invitations, simulation of scenarios, appointments management, telephone front office interface and production of statistics.

Similarly, telemedicine projects developed by NoemaLife are not limited simply to providing consultancy tools, but concerned with the entire operational flow: request for care, planning of consultancy, drafting of reports so as to include remote clinical observations and diagnoses.

NoemaLife also ensures compliance with new regulations under which Health Service providers are required to adopt telematic procedures for the payment of services delivered and for the issuing of reports, while also offering innovative, easy-to-use and convenient solutions for the collection of reports by patients at any time and place, by way of internet portals, iPhone apps and access points located around the region. In short, tools capable of improving the service, facilitating access to structures by members of the public, and enabling the printout of reports independently of where a blood test centre, hospital or consultant's surgery happens to be located.


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