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Diagnostic Domain

  • First Human Genetics Laboratories provider
  • Leader in Middleware and Laboratory Automation Systems

Having witnessed and predicted the growth of diagnostics departments for twenty years and more, NoemaLife has adopted the conceptual model of IT architecture known as the Wide Area Laboratory (Laboratorio Logico Unico – LLU); this creates a kind of virtual laboratory, whereby several analysis laboratories spread across a known area are integrated into a single platform in such a way as to optimize economic resources and streamline diagnostic processes.

In practice, the NoemaLife offering not only meets long-standing and familiar needs, such as those of Analysis Laboratories and Anatomical Pathology Departments, but also includes software solutions targeting the management of disciplines that are still evolving. In effect, the Bologna-based Group was the first provider in Italy to come up with solutions for Human Genetics Laboratories, and the first to develop Middleware enabling the integration of all drivers currently available for LIS systems, and central management of all pre-analysis, analysis and post-analysis instruments used in analysis laboratories.

The expertise acquired in optimizing work flows is also a key factor in providing solutions designed to evaluate the acceptability of requests for analysis (Decision Support System). More exactly, NoemaLife offers expert systems capable of verifying that requests from any external acceptance system are correct or otherwise, and supporting the decision-making process by indicating any discrepancies without delay.

NoemaLife diagnostic solutions also include innovative software products for Imaging Departments, designed to manage the entire Imaging process, meeting requirements for interaction, multimedia capability and speed of execution. Multi-site and multi-language solutions include the management of Breast and Nuclear Medicine processes.

These are complemented by an Image Archiving system, featuring a generous range of functionalities that will make the review station a powerful post-processing tool.

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